Elect Kimberly Beaty for Sheriff

United Democrats Officially Endorse Beaty for Sheriff

Buffalo, NY- Erie County Democrats this morning unanimously endorsed Kimberly Beaty for Erie County Sheriff, with Beaty vowing to reverse 16 years of GOP mismanagement that has led to dozens of needless inmate deaths and steeped the local jail system in scandal.

“Law enforcement has been my career, and more than that, it has been my calling,” said Beaty, who is the former Deputy Commissioner of Operations and Homeland Security for the Buffalo Police Department and current Public Safety Director for Canisius College.

“The job of any law officer, especially the Sheriff, is to ensure the safety of every citizen and oversee those in custody in a manner that respects the rule of law and reflects the values of our community,” Beaty said. “On all these counts, the Tim Howard Administration has failed. My Republican and Conservative opponents want to follow in his footsteps, which makes our victory on Tuesday, Nov. 2 even more important.”

“I want to thank my fellow Democrats and in particular Chair Jeremy Zellner for helping build our campaign and uniting behind me since the June primary. If we work together, I know that on Election Night we will celebrate a new era of integrity and the return of public trust in the Erie County Sheriff’s office.”

“Unlike our endorsed Republican opponent, Kim has both the command background and passion for public service necessary to bring about the change the people and taxpayers of Erie County deserve,” party Chair Jeremy Zellner said.

“With Republicans divided, and one of their own running on the Conservative line against their endorsed candidate, Democrats have moved beyond the June primary and are standing as one with Kim Beaty. She will be the next Erie County Sheriff, and she will be the outstanding leader that department has lacked for too long.”

Beaty, a graduate of Canisius College, has three decades of experience spanning every aspect of police work- from patrol to command positions- in the Buffalo Police Department. Among other honors, she has been awarded for Outstanding Achievement in Community Policing and the Buffalo Mayor’s Award of Merit for Heroism.

To follow her campaign, go to www.kimberlybeatyforsheriff.com, and follow her social media pages on Instagram (@kbeaty4sheriff) Facebook (@kimberlybeatyforsheriff) and Twitter (@ForBeaty).

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